About Us

The Women’s History Project was born of a need to celebrate accomplishments and contributions made by women around the world. This blog will include biographies of notable women from both the past and present, as well as focus on good things that women are currently doing in communities around the world.

A little more about each of us:

Amanda Sawyer is an English Language Arts teacher. When she’s not teaching you can often find her with her nose in a book, or writing books for teenagers. She blogs about reading and writing over at Amanda’s Nose in a Book.

Diana Giovinazzo Tierney is the creator of the women’s historical fiction blog Creating Herstory and one-half of the dynamic podcasting duo at Wine, Women and Words (with Michele). A member of the Historical Novel Society, her book reviews are featured in their annual magazine.  She is currently working on her first novel, Woman in Red: The Story of Anita Garibaldi.

Michele Leivas is a freelance journalist, co-host of a weekly literary podcast (with Diana) and a bookworm with an insatiable diet, but a limited bank account to support her habit. She has been raised and surrounded by wonderfully inspiring and fiercely independent women her entire life and she is also trying to raise two wonderfully inspiring and fiercely independent children with her husband. Everyone needs role models and she wanted to make sure both her son and her daughter had more to choose from than superheroes and fairytale princesses (not that they don’t enjoy a good superhero/princess fairytale from time to time). When she heard about this project, she immediately jumped on board to make sure these incredible historical figures were honored and preserved for all children, including her own. You can check out her and Diana’s podcast at the Wine, Women & Words YouTube channel.

Antonia: coming soon